David and Crom are joined by three special guests for an episode focusing on the water-use controversy currently underway at the former Fortress Mountain Ski Resort.

*Please pardon David’s absolutely terrible technology skills with his emergency microphone usage in the worlds largest echo chamber.

Our guests are Neil Warren, Jason Billing and Becky Best-Bertwistle.

Neil is a 41 year old father of 2 young kids from Calgary, AB  who cares about the world he’s leaving behind for his children.  Ski Guide, and general ‘enjoyer’ of mountains. he’s a regular person like you with a busy life, two businesses, kids, trying to stay fit etc. Moto: If an issue is truly important to you, time will be found to fight it!

Jason Calgary born, and a lover of Parks and our wild places in western Canada. Mountain Guide and sales rep in the outdoor industry. Concerned about our environment, parks and the planet he will leave for his daughter. Specifically, providing the tools and framework to take action, for others to use, is his goal he’s working towards. 

Becky is a Conservation Engagement Coordinator for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Southern Alberta (CPAWS).

This is the one to listen to…

Head over to Conserve Kananaskis to learn many fine details of this goofy saga.

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