Curtis and David bring the funk AND the noise to this week’s episode, featuring our latest guest Chris Calon. Former heavyweight flash coder, survivor of the Cambrian incident, general contractor and passionate lover of all social media (this is a lie). 

Chris circa 2007 @ Cambrian House – Chris doesn’t like this photo

Notable Links

Galileo Gallilei broke down that sick oscillation knowledge so YOU could tell the time. 

You ready for Check stop this Christmas? Because the game just got a whole lot more serious

Nintendo’s badass DRM chips created the “blow on the cartridge” voodoo of our youth (Crom was wrong about the battery, that was for game saves :D). It should be noted this was to prevent cartridge pirating, the DRM of today is a little different animal…

Some info on Segregation in prison’s (we called it Solitary Confinement) and how it might just blow up your brain. (Crom would last approx. 11 minutes.)


Curtis and David return from the fires of Mount Doom with new thoughts. This episode enjoys the dulcet tones of Erik Larson. Owner and Operator of Calgary Cycle – Pure, life-time cycling enthusiast, pen-monger, inner ear warrior and ready to take on Marvel’s C-list bad guys.

Here’s Erik as his alter-ego, Biggie Claus:


Where can you get the best pen? There is at least one source… (we are not a paid advertiser… of anything actually.)

Erik’s current reading – Jocko Willink’s “Extreme Ownership

‘Member BioPace? David remembers BioPace…

Feast your eyes on… THE OWL.

EP7. DOUBLE EMERGENCY! Powerful Moo-Cow, Weaponized Snow Fun, and How to Mix Gin.

Curtis and David celebrate life by yelling into microphones once more. This episode enjoyed, briefly but powerfully, the stylings of Neil Warren. Owner and operator of Alpine Threadworks, ACMG ski guide, and bringer of six-packs.

Here’s Neil doing his thing on a mountain:

UNFORTUNATELY… Neil was forced to leave the episode early due to a family emergency. So our two heroes have filled the air with talk of a gigantic Cow, the Calgarian who made 52 different gins and we played our guest’s lightning round against each other.

Once again, we deliver what you crave.



Notable Links

Spawn Bicycles, fancy kids bikes

The grim revelations of scientists misusing CRISPR technology.

The angry retort of the co-inventor of CRISPR when she heard what China was up to…

The dude with all of this friggin’ GIN

We remember people’s names! Hi Scott Felter of Porcelain Rocket

Snowfall – New York Times article


And here’s a photo Crom took while shooting at Hexagon Game Cafe. ENJOY YOURSELVES.

EP6. Denying the power of Yes, Amazonian lies, The Cult of Baud, and the Quantum Trolley Problem.

Curtis and David heat up the tubes and deliver our most excited guest yet. Wil Knoll is Smashing – Actor, Nerd Master, Beer Slayer, and Champion of oblivious Bike riders across the globe and a member of so many cools things you need to check out his site to truly comprehend – Wil joins the two microwave lasagnas to discuss getting injured on the job, Calgary getting hardcore honey-dicked by Amazon, installing BSD over your router’s previous OS, and the most aggressive conversation anyone has ever had about murderous self-driving cars.

Notable Links


Wil Knoll Headshot — 

(look at this man’s headshot. He is fine.)

The Verge offers up global preferences for who self-driving cars will mangle in the event of a crash.

The day Calgary realized Amazon don’t give an F about us.

Crom drew this albatross after we talked about it. This drawing is not good. We have told him about how bad he is at the drawing. He was unfazed.

One of the many dope project Wil has been involved in – Calgary Protospace

EP5. Nightmare mascots, awesome cassettes, apologies to all, and newly released literature.

Curtis and David keep turning on the mics (despite all this Olympic voting to do). Tyler Hellard, author and defender of Spotify, joins the duo to talk about Nightmare mascots, the utility of cassette tapes, Depressing Netflix shows, The End is Nigh for Olympics, Death races, and Man’s Search for Meaning… sort of.


Notable Links

Tyler’s new released novel – Searching for Terry Punchout

Calgary’s Olympic vote – Results in a big ol’ NOPE.

Handy 90 minute cassette tapes

And if you have all those cassettes – you’ll need something to play ’em on.

EP4. Hoax explosions, Tasteless crotch advertising, Evil Canada goose, and Literature for dummies.

Curtis and David mark a special episode with the first ever guest appearance. Megan MacLean joins Smash to talk about the sinister intentions of the Canada goose, seeking elegance in marketing death to the distracted, expensive books and bondage gear, and the speed at which a 3rd language disappears when hardly ever practiced.

Notable links

Venom filled Platypus

Ride Share/Condom Disposal

Moose or Squirrel?

Calgary Cannons